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You Can Turn Your Life Around ~Individualized Coaching for your 3rd Chapter


Welcome to "You Can Turn Your Life Around!"

 You will learn a lot about yourself, the programs offered by YCTYLA, LLC and how you can receive coaching services designed just for you as you Reset Your Mind and Turn Your Life Around. 



Our Mission


The Mission of You Can Turn Your Life Around, LLC, is to Provide Individualized and Unique Life Coaching Experiences for Third Chapter Needs.


Our Vision


The Vision of You Can Turn Your Life Around, LLC, is that: Anyone, age 50 and older, who wants an exciting third chapter to their life story will receive individualized and unique life coaching through YCTYLA, LLC.


About Us

We  coach individuals, couples, professionals in new careers, reorganizations, new chapters, new seasons in life and downsizing. If you want to change your life, career or just take it to the next level, call us today.


I'm an individual with many hats and I can't imagine being where I am today without the coaching and inspirational 

teachings of Dr. Barbara Musgrove & You Can Turn Your Life Around LLC.  Her program is more than 

just a stepping stone to get ahead - the process helped me overcome my fears and limitations to excel 

to places I never dreamed possible. I'm challenged to take charge of my life and I'm empowered to 

embrace my destiny.  Thanks Dr. Musgrove.



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