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You Can Turn Your Life Around ~Individualized Coaching for your 3rd Chapter

About Dr. Musgrove

Barbara J. Musgrove, PhD

Your Turn Around Coach

I turned my life around, and I can tell you how you can do the same!

I thought I would end my career working for a company engaged in substance abuse treatment. Afterall, I had been an entrepreneur with a successful independent practice as a licensed psychologist, conducted many workshops and seminars, taught on the college level, led research teams, been a mentor to many and provided treatment in inpatient and outpatient settings. I had been blessed with many opportunities to use my training as a psychologist to help others and make a good living.

So, I was going to retire as a program director sometime in the future.

All that changed when a decision was made to close the program I was directing for my employer. I was offered another position, but that was not the answer.  The program closing became an opportunity for me to turn my life around!

I turned my life around by retooling myself, rebranding my services and renaming my company. And then I was ready to resume helping others as You Can Turn Your Life Around, LLC.

I am available to help you through individualized life coaching make your own personal assessment of your needs and expectations and develop your plans to reset your life for your third chapter!

If you decide to work with me, you will have an opportunity to safely explore who you are, identify and work on unique ways for you to reset your mind and learn how you can turn your life around. 

A coaching program with me will follow you for six to 12 months as you assess your strengths, identify your challenges, measure your real age and encourage you as you reset your mind and turn your life around. 

If you want to turn your life around and become all you were created to be, I am the Life Coach for you.


Why not take time now to address these issues directly and increase your chances for personal success?

You can turn your life around!