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You Can Turn Your Life Around ~Individualized Coaching for your 3rd Chapter


Annual One Day Retreats.

You Can Turn Your Life Around, LLC offers opportunities to preview and experience our coaching in a very cost effective manner by hosting events you can participate in.

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Coach Barbara and Proprietor Kathy of Kathy's Happy prepare to exercise at the River Gym at retreat.

Comments From Last Retreat


What one participant wrote the next day:

Thank you so much for an uplifting experience yesterday.  

The day was an adventure from the moment I parked my car 

until we arrived safely to our original destination.   

The day was enjoyable; yet it was designed to do some inner work -- 

"digging"  -- to unearth patterns, barriers and dreams for the future.  

A tall order for an 12 hour day, but I must commend you -- 


 Comments on the Evaluation Forms:

The morning commute to Kathy's Happy was a warm experience... 

I enjoyed having opportunity to connect with each participant..

The warm welcome and light breakfast were spectacular...

My reset and retooling were given a jump start...

The day was therapeutic and refreshing...